Todd Camplin

2010 MFA in Drawing and Painting, University of North Texas
2006 MA in Arts and Humanities, the University of Texas at Dallas
1998 BFA in Graphic Design, Western Kentucky University

Individual Exhibitions
2020 Holly Johnson Gallery, Dallas, TX
2019 Marshall Visual Art Center, Marshall, TX
2018 University of Maine at Presque Isle, ME
2016 Marshall Visual Art Center, Marshall, TX
2015 Holly Johnson Gallery, Dallas, TX
2014 Centenary College, Shreveport, LA
2013 Croft Gallery, Waco, TX
2013 SKyPAC, Bowling Green, KY
2013 Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, KY
2010 Holly Johnson Gallery, Dallas, TX
2010 ‘Words, words, words...’ MFA Thesis Show, 500X, Dallas, TX
2009 Mod Shop Gallery, ink on paper and digital prints, Dallas, TX
2006 Neo-Portraits, Mitchell Loft Gallery, digital portraits, Dallas, TX
2006 Pigeon-Stone Project, Continental Gallery, digital portraits and ink on paper, Dallas, TX
2006 Signatures in Color and B&W, Janette Kennedy Gallery, digital portraits and oil paintings, Dallas, TX
2006 Faces, Austin Local Color Gallery, pastel on paper, Austin, TX
2003 Dawson Springs Museum, Dawson Springs, KY
2002 A New Way of Seeing, Glema Mahr Art Center, Madisonville, KY
1999 Pastel Figures, Chamber of Commerce, Bowling Green, KY

Group Exhibitions
2019 Art on Henderson Pop Up Gallery with Richard T. Skurla, Dallas, TX
2019 Art Teachers at FWCAC, Fort Worth, TX
2019 Ink Well at FWCAC, Fort Worth, TX
2018 Art on Henderson Pop Up Gallery with David G. Smith, Dallas, TX
2018 BMC Design, Austin, TX
2014-17 Marshall Art League Annual Show, Marshall, TX
2012 Friends of Croft Gallery, Waco, TX
2012 Art Forum Gallery, Waco TX
2011 2x2, Bath House Cultural Center, Dallas, TX
2010 Artists Track 002, UNT Cora Stafford Gallery, Denton, TX
2009 MAC Member Show, MAC, Dallas, TX, ink on canvas
2009 Artists Track 001, Mod Shop Gallery, Dallas, TX, ink on paper
2009 D Art Slam at f.i.g. ink on paper, Dallas, TX
2009 Three MFA students, UNT Lightwell Gallery, ink on paper, Denton, TX
2008 Past Revisited, Mitchell Loft Gallery, oil and acrylic paintings, digital paintings, Dallas, TX,
2008 Portrait of Dancers, Dallas Public Library, acrylic paintings and pastels on paper, Dallas, TX,
2007 Pocket of Schism, UNT Cora Stafford Gallery, Denton, TX
2007 24 Hour Show, the Dallas Contemporary, Dallas, TX
2007 Junior/Senior Prom, 500X, Dallas, TX
2007 Trinity River, MAC, Dallas, TX
2006 88 Numbers Show, Kettle Gallery, Dallas, TX
2006 Interplay, University of Guanajuato, Guanajuato, Mexico
2006 Interplay, the University of Texas at Dallas, Dallas, TX
2006 Fluid Geometry and Word, Rudolph Project/Artscan Gallery, Houston, TX
2006 Patternage, Pigeon-Stone Project – Continental Gallery, Dallas, TX 2005 Urban Myths, Pigeon-Stone Project – Elbow Room, Dallas, TX
2003 The Jones Show, Capital Arts Center, Bowling Green, KY
2001 Lot 916 Simply Red, Bowling Green, KY

Gallery Representation or Consignment

2010-Present Holly Johnson Gallery, Dallas, TX
2009 Mod Shop, Dallas, TX
2006-09 Gallery 916, Bowling Green, KY
2005-06 Local Color Gallery Dallas, Dallas, TX
2005 Artist Showplace, Richardson, TX
2000-06 Lot 916, Bowling Green, KY
2002-06 Gallery on the Square, Franklin, KY
2002 D.O.C.S., New Orleans, LA
2002–04 Sutherland Gallery, Bardstown, KY
1997-99 Artifacts, Bowling Green, KY

Juried Exhibitions
2014- 16 MRAC Show, Marshall, TX
2010 500X Expo, 500X, Dallas, TX
2009 CADD Art Lab Gallery, Dallas/Fort Worth/Denton

Graduate Student Exhibition, Dallas,
2008-09 Annual Voertman's Exhibition, UNT Mulberry at Welch, Denton, TX 1998 Annual Juried Show, Capital Arts Center, Bowling Green, KY
1997 Trans Financial Show, Trans Financial Bank, Bowling Green, KY 1996-97 Student Show, Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, KY

Charity Events
2014-16 Dallas Children's Advocacy Center annual Auction, Dallas, TX
2015 Plano Art Center annual fundraiser
2007 Art Auction, the Dallas Contemporary, Dallas, TX 2006-07 Arthouse – 5x7 Show, Austin, TX
2009-11 Arthouse – 5x7 Show, Austin, TX
2005 Art Conspiracy I, Dallas, TX

Art Fairs
2007 Horizon Rockwall sponsored by Rockwall Art League, Rockwall, TX 2004-06 Cedars Art Fest, Dallas, TX
2005 2nd Annual Front Street Festival, Arlington, TX
2001 Fair on the Square, Bowling Green, KY
2000-01 Madisonville Art Street Fair, Madisonville, KY

Alternative Exhibitions
Pigeon-Stone Project – Two Sisters: Dallas, TX:
2006 Three Starbucks locations in North Dallas: UT Dallas International Student Center:

Internet Galleries

Richardson, TX: Richardson, TX
Western Kentucky University: Women's Studies Department, KY Madisonville Community College, KY
Dawson Springs Museum, KY

Selected Collectors
Helen & Gary Garner, Dallas, TX art collectors
HJ Bott, Houston, Texas-based visual artist
David and Kim Jones, Bowling Green, Kentucky based visual artists Artist Thornton, Thornton Foundation
Warren Weitman, Chairman of Sotheby's North and South America

Print Reviews
2008 Art Around Town/The Gift of Art, Neighborhood Go of Dallas Morning News, review 2005 Guildelive: Dallas, TX: Elbow Room, review
2002 The Amplifier: Bowling Green, KY, interview
2002 THE KABN: McComb, Mississippi, feature

Web Press Articles and Reviews:
2013 Dallas Observer
2010 D Magazine (
2008 (

Featured Artist
2008 Don Relyea’s Blog ( 2007 Trey’s Blog (
2006 UTD (
2005 Sara Jane’s Blog (
2005 UTD Expressive Typography ( pages/cde02/ExpresTypo.htm)

Scholarly Publication
2009 Yareah Magazine: Issue 7, 2009 Yareah Magazine: Editor Martin Cid, First 9 Issues

Journal Editor
2005 Layout Editor of Sojourn Interdisciplinary Art Journal 2006-07 Art Editor of Sojourn Interdisciplinary Art Journal

Art Gallery Experience
2011-13 Harmony Science Academy K-12 Art Exhibition 2007-09 Curator / Area Assistant at UNT for Painting
Jan 2008 UNT Cora Stafford Gallery: Fancy Feast 3000 Review May 2008 UNT Cora Stafford Gallery: Senior Exit Do Not Block Sept 2008 UNT Cora Stafford Gallery: Painting 3000 Review Dec 2008 UNT Cora Stafford Gallery: Senior Exit 2008
Jan 2009 UNT Cora Stafford Gallery: Mystery Artists Review 3000 April 2009 UNT Lightwell Gallery: Hybrid Forms
May 2009 UNT Cora Stafford Gallery: Senior Exit Strategy
2005-06 Curator of Local Color Gallery of Dallas, TX
2004-06 Graphic Designer/Gallery Assistant of Kristy Stubbs Gallery Dallas, TX,

2008 Christian Academy Independent Schools of North Texas Art

Organization Memberships past and present
Dallas Museum of Art
McKinney Avenue Contemporary Dallas Contemporary
Rockwall Art League
Artists Track Collective
Marshall Visual Art League

Artist Collaborations
2005 David Sequeira, we created and installed a piece in the production of Fredric Turner’s ‘Prayers for Dallas’ poetry play.

Scholarships, Awards, Grants, and Committees
2008-09 UNT Academic Grant
2009 UNT Search Committee for New Media
2002 Hopkins County United Way Art Education Grant
1997 Best Animation, Western Kentucky University Film Festival

Teaching Experience
2010-13 K-12 Art Teacher for Harmony Science Academy 2009 Teaching Assistant at UNT for Drawing I
2009 Teaching Fellowship at UNT for Drawing I
2008-09 Teaching Assistant at UNT for Design I
2007-09 Areas Assistant at UNT for Painting Workshops
2009 CAA grant writing workshop

2009 CAA in Los Angels
- Canada and 42 States of the United States

2008-09 College Art Association Conference Visiting Artists
2009 University of Texas at Dallas, Design I
2009 University of North Texas, Painting II
2007-09 Christian Academy, middle and high school art classes 2006 Richland College, art appreciation class
2002 Hopkins County Public School, elementary school

I was born was in South Bend, Indiana, and was raised in Kentucky. I am the son of a coal miner and a homemaker, and they encouraged me to go to college and seek my own way. I felt pressured to be a business major and work with my hands, so I compromised by seeking a graphic design degree while taking as many painting and drawing classes as possible. I felt the need to get a philosophy minor. Although I worked under some Logical Positivist philosophy professors, I came out of the program with a more Existentialist worldview. Sartre and Camus were my main focus, and my paintings and pastels were based on my emotional responses to my friends and surroundings. A Picasso and then a Matisse show at the High Museum in Atlanta greatly influenced my early work.

I developed a romantic notion that art was about the pure expression of an artist's emotional response. But little things started to chip away at my romantic ideals through Post-Modern philosophers' exposure like Jacques Derrida and Michel Foucault. I also was exposed to artists like Allan Kaprow and Joseph Kosuth in the last contemporary art criticism class I took at Western Kentucky. Brent Oglesbee is the one professor at WKU that really pushed me to excel at making art. Although Oglesbee had his MFA in ceramics and taught sculpture, I learned to follow through on processes and follow a line of reasoning when making art.

After completing my BFA, I spent about two years in Philadelphia. While there, I started to read various fiction from the beat generation and some new contemporary fiction. Then I moved to Dallas, and Texas is where everything changed about me and my art. I left my art based on emotional content in favor of a conceptual, intellectual bent. I helped to foster that slant through seeking an MA in Arts and Humanities at UTD. There I met several professors who helped me develop my ideas, but one, in particular, helped to reinvent my approach. John Pomara is the professor who reminded me that I had rejected graphic design tools, and those tools were going to waste. I started to incorporate computer-based art into my work along the lines of Derrida's deconstructing text theories.

Then I traveled to NYC for a week to see the Armoury show. Seeing all that work presented in such a professional setting, the art fair inspired me to use industrial printers and materials.

Finally, I felt ready to seek my MFA, and I applied to only one school, the University of North Texas. I had my eye on the university for a long time, so I only wanted UNT. Vincent Falsetta and Annette Lawrence were the two artists that I really wanted to work with. Still, once I found myself in the program, I found that all the painting and drawing professors helped develop my ideas, style, and work ethic. When I came to the end of my MFA program, I had the epiphany that my work was directly linked to my problems with dyslexia.

Words have always posed a challenge for me to understand because words partly act as spaces between an object and meaning. That tension has been inspiring me to build these images from words.